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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sleep Recovery?

Sleep Recovery is a nationwide, tel-health provider specializing in non-drug interventions for the restoration of normal healthy sleep

How Does it Work?

We use two forms of advanced brainwave biofeedback to detect and correct instabilities in EEG brain function

Is it Safe to Use?
All our systems are FDA approved for safety

What is Your Success Rate?
We currently run a 92% success rate with proper screening. Our program works on most, but not everyone. We consider success as 6 1/2 to 8 hours per night, 5-6 nights per week

Concierges Level Care

Includes 15 per-scheduled and monitored sessions, Fitbit sleep tracking, 20 hours of personal sleep coaching, live phone support and two gifted free sessions for spouses

Successful Clients

2800 and counting with 12 years in practice

Pricing, Complete

$2695.00 includes a $200.00 fully refundable deposit on return of equipment

$166.00 per session, based upon 15 session program

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Corporate Headquarters

201 State Street, Charlevoix, Mi