Brainwave Dynamics:
Fluidity? Or Stuckness?

How Can the Brain Break Free?

Breaking Free of Mental Afflictions Boils Down to One Understanding: Are we Still Stuck in Past or Future Thinking?

Or are We Living Fluidly in the Moment?

Four Principles of Neurological Self-Awareness: 

Left Brain/Right Brain: A Thing of the Past

Modern neuroscience has proven that both brain hemispheres are involved in creativity and logic.

Our brains are fluidly integrative, meaning that different parts of the brain can perform multiple functions. This is called “Non-Linear Brain Dynamics”. A good example is seeing a stoke victim fully recover their motor functions despite there is still damage present in their neurology.


Like our Universe, our Brains Function Holographically

Holonomic brain theory, also known as The Holographic Brain, is a branch of neuroscience investigating the idea that human consciousness is formed by quantum effects in or between brain cells. This is opposed by traditional neuroscience, which investigates the brain’s behavior by looking at patterns of neurons and the surrounding chemistry, and which assumes that any quantum effects will not be significant at this scale.


The Human Brain is Self-Intelligent & Self-Aware

Humans tend to over-identify with their thoughts to such a degree that we believe that who we are, is only what we think.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The brain has its own personality, decision making capabilities and can even communicate with other brains to achieve common goals, through a mirror network.

Most Insomnia is not a Neuro-Chemical Imbalance. Nor is it Psychological, (thinking based) at it’s Source.

Insomnia is hereditary. We inherit eye and hair color from our parents. We also inherit brainwave turbulence as well. These bio-electrical instabilities are the (pre-thought) source points which disrupt healthy sleep architecture.

Busy brain, worrisome over-thinking and even anxiety itself are a result of the turbulence, not the source.